Jonathan is a former chairman and CEO of Keswick Ministries, and is now a minister-at-large,
serving the Keswick movement in the UK and internationally. He is a Vice President of IFES and
the former Director of Langham Preaching, and continues to train preachers in Europe, Africa
and Latin America, as well as teach at Conferences and Conventions around the world.

He is the author of several books, including ‘Integrity’, ‘Preaching Matters’, and ‘Knowing GodBetter’, published by IVP, and several titles introducing books of the Bible such as Nehemiah, Habakkuk and James, published by Langham.

He enjoys photography, the sea, and music of all
kinds, and lives with his wife in Oxford. They have several children and a small cluster of
energetic grandchildren.​

Chris is an author and lectures in Old Testament and Apologetics at Moorlands Christian College. He also has a great interest in archaeology and the Bible and has been involved in the Bethsaida Excavations Project in Galilee.

He has penned several books including:


  -  Time Travel to the Old Testament: An Essential 
      Companion for the Christian Explorer

  -  Backchat: Answering Christianity’s Critics


  -  ​​Christian Confidence: An Introduction to
     Defending the Faith



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